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  • Distribute press releases in one click and monitor publication across the web
  • Organize and manage press conferences and media parleys at scale
  • Communicate and build relationships with journalists that matter to your industry

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    Comprehensive suite of tools for all things PR

    Press Releases Distribution

    Schedule & Automate Press Distribution

    Media Events Planner

    Collaborate with your team

    Create and Manage Message Group

    Media Monitoring/Analytics

    Multi-User Capability

    Instant messaging with Journalists

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    Targeted Distribution

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    DIY Intuitive Rich Text Editor

    What Is SquirrelPR

    SquirrelPR is an online media relations management solution that enables Public Relations agencies and Marketing Communications professionals to distribute press materials, manage media events at scale, monitor press release publication while building and managing relationships with the media/journalists.

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    Discover, Connect, & Engage the right journalists through the most comprehensive suite of solutions for Media Relations management and marketing communications.

    • Connects PR agencies and media relations officers to thousands of vetted and sorted journalists
    • Send the right message to the right audience in just a few clicks.
    • Deploy media intelligence to monitor, analyse editorial contents

    Journalists - From diverse media sectors and industries across the continent

    Media Houses - Top, verified & respected news media and authorities in one place

    Media Sectors - From politics to business/finance to entertainment... etc, we've got you covered

    Customised Database

    Complement SquirrelPR’s media database by uploading a customised media database that meets your media relations needs and start managing them on SquirrelPR’s innovative media relations management tool.

    Contacts Grouping

    Easily create, manage and update lists of journalists that you engage with daily to drive your outreach by targeting them through personalized features.

    Invite Journalists to Your Mailing List

    Grow your personal media database by inviting journalists relevant to your industry to join Squirrel through the “invite journalists feature” built to enable media managers to grow their database and boost their outreach.

    Targeted Distribution

    From Politics to Business/Finance /Technology to Sport and Entertainment, Squirrel enables you to ramp up your publication frequency by targeting journalists who cover specific sectors relevant to your business.

    The SquirrelPR Experience

    See how SquirrelPR makes PR operations seamless

    Friday Atufe

    Chief Operations Officer - Strategic Effects Limited

    "SquirrelPR is a revolutionary service as far as the practice of public relations is concerned. It has simplified the distribution of press releases, organization of press conferences and how to relate with the gentlemen of the fourth estate of the realm, as well as the overall outcome of any media …"

    Jonah Nwokpoku

    Head Of Media - Unity Bank Plc

    "SquirrelPR is one of the most intuitive public relations tools we have used so far. It enabled us to connect with all the journalists relevant to us at a more personal level, thereby enabling us to reduce negative press by more than 90%."

    Anthony Edeki

    Co-Founder - Gomed Nigeria

    "Thank you SquirrelPR, it was an amazing experience using the solution for the first time. Our press release was well-distributed and published. It was a seamless effort connecting media houses to publish our article. The Gomed Team is so happy using the SquirrelPR.Anthony Edeki"


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